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We help our clients keep up with trends, improve their offers and deliver innovation.

We connect stakeholders – customers & clients (B2B & B2C), business partners, prescriptors and team members;
In that way we do design thinking.

We called it think Tuvalu to bear in mind that sustainability and technologies are both appealing ways to make a change.

Who We Are

Why is it called Think Tuvalu?

Tuvalu is an island nation and UN member known primarily for 2 things. For one, they may be the first nation to be fully submerged in water due to the rise in the sea level over the next 100 years. We’re reminded that new environmental and social demands mustn’t be ignored. Second, back when internet domain names were attributed they were able to obtain .tv for themselves (much the same way France obtained .fr). They started to commercialize that license and it has become one of their primary sources of income. In order to create value, marketers must think in terms of new demands, a new paradigm. To think Tuvalu is to think innovation in a world on the move.

We Design International Market Research

We design ad’hoc methodologies, using all the resources of qualitative research.
Our scope is wide, from instant decision making research to long term insightment.
There are several projects we are proud of, among them Ethnomovies.


If you have a project in mind, shall you know or not how to do it...

See here a video trailer of the fieldwork – 135 ethnographics interviews - in 7 countries & 3 continents


Our business objectives

Product Development
Consumer connects

Our methodologies

Community management
Focus Groups
Natural Groups & Game Sessions
Design Thinking


We are a team made up entirely of seniors, researchers with European and global perspectives, trained at best-in-class universities and agencies.
We are moderators, each with more than 15 years’ experience.
We make things happen, getting people to say what’s really on their minds, sharing their energy and emotions.
Meeting up at Think TUVALU is an expression of freedom, spending time on the ground, exploring behaviors and trends and turning them into business recommendations.

Stéphane Lavelle

FOUNDER - Entertainment, Technologies & Medical

Prior to founding Think Tuvalu in 2008, Stéphane conducted International Qualitative Research with Millward Brown and Ipsos for 10 years. When not researching, he likes to participate in Triathlons. Good friends would say that Stéphane is very into devices and technology! He graduated from University Paris Dauphine & EM Lyon, and is founder of a Charity to help children in Romania.

Karine Duguet

PARIS - Kids & Co-construction

Karine discovered market research at P&G where she worked for 11 years. She crossed the mirror 10 years ago to become a qualitative expert. A change that allowed Karine to broaden her scope, being a wonderful moderator on kids’ projects, but also on healthcare. Karine communicates her vibrant energy to clients’ in-house projects as well.

Marion Clauvel

PARIS – Ethnographies & Design thinking

Marion started ethnographies at Cambridge while doing her master in anthropology. She has gained 15 years experience in qualitative research, branding and innovation for various French & international agencies (Millward Brown, Théma, Added Value, Brain Value…) where she travelled a lot, interviewed a broad range of people – from housewives to trendy startuppers. She is also a yoga fan and a dance lover.

Brian Harper

PARIS - The English Voice

Born and raised in California, Brian came to France after he had translated L’écume des Jours de Boris Vian. He is an interpreter for qualitative groups since 00’s, and keep an eye on Photography.

Chiara Vascotto

LONDON & ROME – Cosmetics & Ethnographies

Chiara was born in Italy and came to London to study Anthropology at the LSE. She’s got sixteen years’ experience in qualitative research and deep knowledge of ethnographic methods both in real life and online. Outside research, Chiara is a keen student of creativity through writing and music.

Karine Bugeja

LILLE - B2B & Social

Karine started her career at Bureau Veritas, in south America as a financial controller. From this work she gained great knowledge on financial and B2B issues. Her 20 years in international qualitative research has given her experience in a broad range of industries. She is strongly involved in ATD Quart Monde, a charity which supports the underprivileged. Karine graduated from EM Lyon.

Elodie Leroux

LYON – Online research

Elodie has 15 years’ experience in both qualitative and quantitative market research and spent 4 years of her career in London. She is particularly interested in social sciences and has gained significant expertise in researching consumer attitudes, behaviors and product use. She earned a degree in Sociology at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Peter Grametbauer

HAMBURG – Technologies & Automotive

Highly talented and accomplished market research professional with extensive experience in a wide range of research methodologies, conducted several hundred B2B and B2C surveys in Germany, Europe and the Middle East. Peter is fluent in German, English and Arabic.

Paul Bruening

NEW YORK - Luxury & Liquors

Paul has been conducting research for over 20 years, He has conducted THOUSANDS of focus groups, ethnographies and interviews on a myriad of topics. In addition to running his research projects, he has earned a PhD in Brain, Cognition and Behavior from the City University of New York.

Julien Joyeux

PARIS - Video footage & edition

Julien is a passionate video editor. He first worked with Think TUVALU to edit Ethnomovies and is a long-term collaborator with the company. He also works in fashion, music videos and corporate films.

François Dumortier

PARIS - Graphic Designer

During his 15 years of professional experience in Graphic Design, François has mastered many branches of graphic design and softwares so there are no obstacles to his creativity. He loves to discover and imagine new trends, and is specialised in Brand Identity.



Cloud, computer, mobile devices. Professional & personal usages
Devices, apps & services
Mac & Windows, iOS & Android, Facebook & Snapchat, Amazon & eBay


Gaming on all platforms, hardcore & casual gamers
Movies, TV shows, Media service providers, Social Networks
Xbox & PS, Fortnite & WOW, Netflix & OCS, Spotify & Deezer


Shopping, cooking, eating
Exploration of trends in & out of home
From infant needs to trendy places


Adverse report certified
Healthcare professionals and patients experience
OTC & prescription


New bottle and product development
Communication on point-of-sale and advertising
Bartenders – Distributors – City Trend Safaris

Automotive & Mobility

Cars and motorbikes Clinics
Public vs. Private transport, Loyalty programs
Mobility apps


C level interviews
Distribution network, sales force effectiveness
Complex purchase processes & brand images


Equipment, branding and sponsoring
Immersion and co-creation


Specific moderation methods
Game sessions
Games, entertainment, food & education

Financial Services

Moderators with financial backgrounds
B2B, B2C & C2C
Online payment methods, VISA & AmEx, Insurance, Savings


Watches, clothes & spirits
Pantry check & ethnographic depths – at home or in the office
In store & online experiences


From insightment to concept & packaging
Exploring bathroom patterns and the state of mind
Shopping and trends

Brands we know very well


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Think Tuvalu helps you improve your brand equity, develop new products, packaging and communication;

we will connect you with your consumers to increase your point of sale efficacy.

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